100 Ideas for Primary Teachers – Mindfulness in the Classroom

Reading Time: 2 minutes

A Review of 100 Ideas for Primary Teachers – Mindfulness in the Classroom by Tammie Prince, published by Bloomsbury Education.

Mindfulness is a hot topic in education at the moment, and it is one that in people’s minds is often bound up with wellbeing. (I seriously considered using the tagline “Wellbeing: It’s not just mindfulness” for Schoolwell, after yet another person asked “Your wellbeing site, is it about mindfulness then?”)

Maybe you’re sceptical about mindfulness, maybe it’s a bit too “weave your own yoghurt” for you, perhaps you think you just don’t have time for it? If so, pick up Tammie Prince’s new book and have a look at the suggested activities. What you will find is that the book is practical, easy to use, and at its heart is an understanding of how jam-packed the primary school day is. Each idea is clearly laid out, with a quote from a teacher about its benefits. There are teaching tips and ideas for extension, as well as some bonus ideas (so in fact it’s well over 100 ideas in total). Many of the ideas require no resources or preparation whatsoever. Most importantly, they take very little time in the school day, and many can be integrated into curriculum areas. From my own experience with mindful practice, I know that just a few moments of mindfulness pay dividends in terms of increased engagement and calm for the rest of the session.

The author’s experience in the classroom is evident in the clear descriptions and tips for each activity, as well as the overwhelmingly practical nature of the ideas. In today’s always-on, 24/7 world, these activities will help children (and staff) to develop focus and deal with their emotions.

This book would make a superb addition to any staffroom CPD shelf, and a fantastic resource for anyone wanting to explore mindfulness with their primary class.

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