5 weekend time investments that pay dividends all week long

Reading Time: 2 minutes
Photo by Lisa Fotios from Pexels

Here are 5 quick weekend wins that will make your life easier all week long.

  • Work your wardrobe. This blog sprung from me sorting out my work clothes this morning. Having your work clothes sorted and ready to go not only saves time in the morning, but it kicks the day off well. Some super organised people will even put together each day’s outfit on one hanger. I dream of that level of organisation.
  • Overcook. It’s Sunday. Whatever your main meal today, cook up some extra for next week’s lunches. Whether it’s tasty sandwich fillings or veggies that just need to be zapped in the microwave, it’s no more work today to cook a bit over, and it will make your life easier tomorrow. Also: thrifty and nutrious.
  • Meal plan. Another food-related time saver. Plan out your meals with an eye on your week. Parents evening or twilight means something quick and easy, or maybe even a school dinner and a light supper.
  • Order up your weekly shop. Thanks to @JoeAmbroseGLT for this fantastic tip. Combine with meal planning to save money AND time.


  • Indulge in some light admin. Whether it’s planning your week out with your online calendar (or old-school planner or diary – this is not an ad but just LOOK at the range from Positive Teacher Company!) or uploading work for the week, as suggested by @HecticTeacher,a few minutes spent on it today is sure to save you time and hassle all week. 

What’s your top weekend time investment? Let me know on the Twitter!