6 Ways to promote staff well-being in your school using technology

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School culture is constantly reviewed as part of the efforts to promote physical, mental, and holistic fitness of the staff and students. Schools continuously strive to improve student and staff wellness by developing an effective school culture to support this aim.

The factors considered for wellbeing include culture, values, thinking, and attitude. Communities must work hand-in-hand with schools in establishing familiar, positive school cultures. Drastically evolving throughout the decade, technology has played an important part in developing both school curriculum and administration. It provides an aid to employees, making them more productive and above all, satisfied with their jobs.

Nowadays, there is a gadget or app for every human need. From tablets to mobile phones, to a smart fridge and television who can detect what you need and make suggestions without you even asking. Why not use technology to schools’ advantage?

Here are ways you can help promote staff well-being using technology:

  1. Determine the problem

Before you even think of solutions or technology which staff can benefit from, try asking yourself these questions:

  • What Problems Do We Want to Solve? For some schools, health and wellness of the staff is important. However, to be able to determine what’s important, you need to identify the results that you are aiming for.
  • How Can We Communicate Value? You need to show your staff that these programs can be valuable to them, just as health, safety, and wellness are important.
  • How Can We Keep the staff motivated? To identify this, carry out a survey or conduct a focus group to know the best incentives you can give to your staff.
  1. Create a positive work environment

It is a must to promote a culture that improves the health and welfare of the staff. This will not only lead to a healthy and productive workplace but also demonstrates good management.

Studies show that a positive work environment reduces the occurrence of workplace-illness. Workplace illness approximately leads to around 27 million working days per year and costs an estimated £13.4 billion annually for companies. You need to make sure staff is well-aware and actively participating to garner positive results.

  1. Encourage staff to be active

Promote wellness by giving the staff fitness trackers to wear at school. Did you know that a study by the American Journal of Health Promotion indicates that obesity is associated with large employer costs from direct health care and insurance claims and indirect costs from lost productivity, due to workdays lost because of illness and disability?

Studies have shown that wearable technology can boost both productivity and job satisfaction. Let your staff know how important it is to take care of themselves and stay healthy. You can encourage them by becoming competitive by posting weekly winners. Wearables provide schools the chance to motivate and empower staff by taking an active role in their own health.

  1. Use Reward Schemes

You can use technology reward schemes to boost productivity and motivation among the staff. These schemes can be in the form of accessing the most up-to-date devices or getting a salary incentive.

When staff is happy and well-motivated, the organization’s goals can be met and everyone can have a chance to develop their skills.

For instance, you can think of distributing Fitbits to your staff and challenge them to take 12 million steps in 1 year. For those who meet their goals, they can qualify for a salary incentive or a new gadget.

  1. Focus on mental wellness

While all programs seem to focus on the physical well-being, not enough focuses on the mental wellness of the staff. You can introduce certain apps such as Headspace, which can help them find at least 10 minutes a day to manage their thoughts and realize that they don’t have to worry about anything.

  1. Continue learning

The National Health Service notes that “learning helps you to feel more optimistic and get the most out of life.” You can try by introducing teachers to Learn Bites, where they can be allowed three days a year to learn something new – whether a language, instrument, or some strategies. Learning something new builds confidence and gets teachers something to be motivated about.

About the Author

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