8 Ideas for better Wellbeing

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A Guest Post by @PriTeachDotCom

Whether we like it or not we are all defined by the way we feel. We may be able to put on a good front around colleagues, friends and family, but deep down the way we feel about ourselves impacts massively on everything in our lives. You cannot kid yourself! Believe me – I’ve tried – it doesn’t work! Instead, it’s important to be kind to yourself and move in a positive direction…in the right direction. Don’t do too much too soon. Just praise yourself for recognising that things have to change and take baby steps to improve your life! Life as a teacher is the most rewarding career and we all wouldn’t change career paths, however it can also be demanding at times and let’s face it…you could work 24 hours a day and still have a to-do list!!

When everything in your life is going well, it can seem almost euphoric! The buzz you get from the kids, the great, loving, caring atmosphere, the recognition from staff and then you go home to an easy, happy home life. However, this is not always the case, and however minor or major a situation that arises in your life….it’s important to understand how to work through it without it affecting your work, the children’s progress and ultimately without it permanently affecting you! Although it is easy to throw yourself into your work, from experience I find that only covers up the problem – it certainly doesn’t solve anything! I am going to make a few suggestions how you can deal with situations when they arise in your life, in the kindest, most caring way.

1. Recognise that being a teacher can be tough and that workloads can sometimes seem daunting! Have a chat with a colleague. I might add, this isn’t a moan. Moaning is negative and will not move you forward, but a chat is different. See how they manage their workload, it may work out that together you prioritise your work! This will instantly improve how you feel!

2. Get out of the house and surround yourself with nature! Getting up early to go for a walk may at first seem like an effort butIMG_0878 trust me, once you’re out and about, listening to the stillness, you will have done something for yourself even before your day has started. Something beautiful can arise from stillness! Give yourself time, clear your head, set up your positive attitude for the day! Become mindful!

3. Eat healthy food! OK, things might be getting on top of you at the moment but dedicating just half an hour to go food shopping with a healthy mindset will work wonders. If you’re anything like me…when stress rears its head I race to the biscuit aisle, closely followed by the cake aisle. Please resist this temptation and spend most of your money on fruit and vegetables! Obviously, the odd treat doesn’t harm anyone but keep these to a minimum. Overindulging on treats will only make you feel worse and if you remember this whole post is how to make yourself feel better!

4. Spend time with the closest people around you. Family always makes you feel better…and that includes pets! My pet dog Harry is my best friend, I don’t care what people think because he actually is! I don’t know what I’d do without him.

5. Spend an hour each evening doing something you enjoy! Have your hobbies gone out of the window since you became a parent? Is your promotion making you want to prove yourself? Are you simply a workaholic? Or do you have a demanding partner? Well, take one hour of your day and do something for yourself! It may be reading a book, it may be going for a jog, a hot yoga class or simply just listening to some music. The main point is that during this hour, the outcome is that only you have benefited from your time. I have a dear friend who has a husband and three children and once a week she takes herself to a restaurant, and enjoys a three-course meal alone. She enjoys the peace, she enjoys the food, she sometimes takes a book but ultimately this time is all about her. She switches off from her career, her marriage and her children for an hour or so! It truly is rewarding. It’s also important that throughout this hour, your phone, your whatsapp, your Twitter has a rest also! Immerse yourself in something you love without any distractions! Concentrate on you.

6. Connect with people you may have never otherwise connected with, new friendships or working relationships can often inspire you to change some parts of you that you don’t particularly like. Reinvent yourself, improve yourself, this will build self-esteem and confidence.

7. Now that you are starting to feel better, think about what your next challenge in work or life might be! You’ll be strong enough to do this! You have spent a lot of time with yourself, you probably know yourself a lot more than you used to now. So, keep moving forward. What’s your next move? Give yourself a new focus. Success will make you feel good!

8. Smile, have fun, laugh and love!!!!!! Keep things simple, the small things matter the most! Remember, you do a fantastic job each day! You are improving life chances, enriching lives, nurturing souls. Be proud of all of your accomplishments and don’t let anybody drag you down! Radiate your positivity…it’s infectious! With small simple steps, and focused ‘me-time’ I believe you will get to know a new and improved self. Be happy with where you are now. Don’t look back and looking too far forward will only increase anxiety. You are fabulous right now! Celebrate knowing that you are. You can overcome anything with the right attitude!




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