A more altruistic advent?


Got your advent calendar yet? What have you gone for? Dairy milk? Lego? Craft gin?  What about something a little more nourishing this Advent? It’s becoming increasingly popular to use this time of year for reflection and there are plenty of options for staff and students to have a more thoughtful advent this year.

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Staff Advent Calendars

@MrsHumanities will be running an Acts of Kindness countdown. mrshumanities.com

@HealthyToolkit HQ will be repeating their successful Reverse Advent calendar.  healthyteachertoolkit.wordpress.com

@MartynReah will be coordinating the #teacher5aday #calendar on Twitter and  martynreah.wordpress.com

Do-it-yourself with this idea from  @ottleyoconnor


Whole School Advent Calendars

Try the @actionhappiness  Do Good December which has daily suggested actions to do throughout December 2018 to help you spread a bit more kindness in the world.

The  Power of Kindness calendar from  @BritishRedCross helps children (aged 7 to 11) learn about and carry out kind acts during the month of December. Each day is linked to a short kindness activity that can be used at the start of the day, or as an energiser during the day, with each activity lasting approximately ten minutes.


Sam is a primary school teacher and founder of schoolwell.co.uk. You can find her on twitter or send her an email.


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