A Review of: Core Teacher Skills – Emotional Resilience How to Manage Workload and Wellbeing

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Encouraging, Inspiring and Motivational

As a teacher, our well-being and emotional resilience often take a pounding so to speak, we often lose track, and sight of the best ways to look after ourselves to be the best practitioners we can be. Within this training we are encouraged to stop, focus and realign our thinking on how best to cope as an Early Career Teacher. The course speaks about sustainability, how to reach out and ask for help and useful tips for productivity and time management. All things we think we know but often take for granted as things that we can easily improve on.

This training will especially be useful for those teachers about to start a fresh year or within a new school. However, can be equally as useful for those teachers in the middle of a school year that feel as though they need a nudge in the right direction in regards to their well-being, resilience and personal management of workload and productivity.

Whilst the visuals within the training are not necessarily crucial, having a visual focus is helpful and David’s calm and reassuring voice definitely adds to the overall effectiveness of the training.

The training was thoroughly enjoyed and has had a great impact instantaneously on my teaching practice. I highly recommend.

Many thanks to our reviewer, who is an Early Career Teacher in an SEN school.

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