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Well, this is novel

Reading Time: 3 minutes A blog post for #Covid19WellbeingEdumeet I’m new to this. You’re new to this. Everyone is new to this.  Whatever this is. The complex puzzle of our lives has been upended; the pieces reorganised into new and confusing patterns according to some strange and ineffable logic. Time, well, I can make no sense of time whatsoever. […]

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Coronavirus Resources for wellbeing and mental health in schools

Reading Time: 4 minutes There are 4 sections; Resources to support Mental Health and Wellbeing in School, Resources for families, Books and Stories for Children and Young People and Union Advice and Resources. Each section is arranged in alphabetical order of the organisation. Stay Safe. If you are looking for further support, try our Wellbeing Directory for individuals and […]

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I’m still standing – just a little further back

Reading Time: 4 minutes A guest post from @MrHtheteacher. I’ve been taking some time recently to reflect on my career trajectory and the changes I’ve made over the last few years following some tough times. A year and a half ago I agreed to take on a role that meant I was stepping back from the level I was […]

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Empowering teachers: terrifying for some, amazing for others.

Reading Time: 6 minutes ‘I find this terrifying. We don’t want them too empowered; they’ll all leave!’ – A Secondary Head Teacher in response to the Teacher Empowerment Event. “After attending The Teacher Empowerment event a couple of weeks ago, and realising that alternatives exist, I started looking/applying for jobs. After putting myself “out there”, I was contacted by […]

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Staff Well-being in schools (How to support yourself.)

Reading Time: 3 minutes A guest blog from Listen Up Mentor. Every Academic Year school staff get pulled left, right and centre. Why? Because the need is great! Often schools have one or if they are lucky two mentors. These mentors are supporting the most vulnerable pupils with emotional needs. They are also at capacity leaving many children needing […]

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What teacher wellbeing should really be about

Reading Time: 4 minutes A guest post from Eileen of Your Money Sorted. Improving wellbeing for teachers is a MASSIVE issue, but I don’t think having hand cream in the toilets, after school yoga sessions, staff lunches or a day off to do Christmas shopping, although very welcome, are going to make a button of difference to the real […]

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Reading Time: 3 minutes A guest post from Chris of EdRests. The post focuses on where the idea for EdRests came from and my hopes for how the platform could help people working in Education. There are many reasons that led to the creation of EdRests, below are just some of them. As a full-time head of department working […]

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Governor Wellbeing

Reading Time: 3 minutes A guest post by @JaPenn. The #ukgovchat topic on Sunday was on Governor Wellbeing & since I find myself unusually with some time to ponder then, dear reader, please indulge me. I am currently enjoying a spot of R&R which is doing wonders for my wellbeing. Having just returned to our room after a massage […]

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An Exclusive Interview with Andrew Cowley, Author of The Wellbeing Toolkit

Reading Time: 4 minutes We caught up with Andrew Cowley, author of The Wellbeing Toolkit: Sustaining, supporting and enabling school staff, who shared his thoughts on affordable wellbeing, and not being recognised in Sainsburys (yet). What sparked your interest in school staff wellbeing? I suppose I have always had a deeply ingrained sense of fairness, something my grandmother instilled […]