Book Review: Love Teaching, Keep Teaching by Peter Radford

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Love Teaching, Keep Teaching

The Essential Guide to Improving Wellbeing at All Levels in Schools

In Love Teaching, Keep Teaching, Peter Radford challenges teachers and leaders to begin with the end in mind and that is exactly what he does: ‘Teaching is the best job in the world!’ This book really encourages the reader to reflect on their experiences and reaffirms why teachers and leaders go into education: to make a difference and to put pupil and staff wellbeing at the heart of everything they do.

If you’re a teacher and leader working in education and ever feel like you’re questioning your sense of why: this is the book for you. Peter Radford utilises a combination of profound first hand experiences, purposeful strategies for all stages of professional development, case studies and reflective questioning to scaffold the reader to revisit their core values for education. This book really will ignite and develop your vision for teaching and learning, while also highlighting the importance of being a you kind of teacher – and the best kind of you teacher you can be. Every chapter challenges your mindset further and supports you to be your authentic self. The clear message is, “there is no such thing as perfect: only growth.”

Throughout, Peter Radford unpicks why it’s not possible to “properly address student wellbeing without addressing staff wellbeing; neither can we address staff wellbeing without looking at the educational picture.” His passion for supporting the holistic development of every child and member of staff is strengthening and inspiring.

He addresses the real challenges teachers and leaders face; he explores the struggle between core values and enforcing policies and empowers his readers to revisit why they went into education: “Holistic education is not merely an idea; it’s a right! It’s not a privilege it is what children are entitled to.”

Whether you’re looking to achieve a better work life balance using the Wheel of Life or utilising the Game Changing Index to lead dynamic teams in schools, this book really does have something for everyone.  Love Teaching, Keep Teaching is an honest and thought provoking book that will inspire action.

As a teacher and leader I couldn’t put this book down. In such challenging times, it’s just what I needed to re-energize my belief that a “different reality” is always possible for teaching, learning, leadership and wellbeing. I will now be asking myself daily: “Am I cave thinker or a brave thinker?”

Laura Ritson


Love Teaching, Keep Teaching is published by Crown House Publishing.