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Love Being Me

Love Being Me

Type of resource: coaching, on-line courses, books, courses, bespoke training for schools

Description – Love Being Me supports working parents to balance the demands on their life and look after themselves so they can be the best parents, teachers, partners and people they can be.

Whether you are dealing with stress, divorce, redundancy, low self-esteem, fatigue or just a general lack of zing, Julie can draw on tools from psychology, mindfulness, bereavement, domestic abuse, spiritual traditions and coaching to help you find yourself again.

Dr Julie Leoni is an author, life coach and psychology teacher with over 25 years’ experience of training and facilitating groups. She has worked with organisations to develop Emotional Intelligence and has experience and training in bereavement, domestic abuse, mindfulness and meditation as well as a number of therapeutic approaches. She has 2 sons who she loves loads and who sometimes drive her crazy.


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