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Judith Tolhurst is:

a highly experienced and qualified coach.

the author of the highly successful coaching textbook “Coaching for Schools ” published in 2007.

has spent 20 years working in the education sector and has run her own coaching and training business ”COACHLAMP Ltd” since 2000.

Judith qualified from the Coaching Academy in London in 2000 with a distinction in performance coaching. Judith has a warm manner and a great sense of humour with excellent communication skills. She is able to demonstrate empathy whilst at the same time being direct with clients when needed.
She is a skilled facilitator and is a consultant and lead trainer for the National College of School Leadership working on their top programmes.
Judith is committed to developing the potential of all staff and she believes in enabling organisations to build their own leadership capacity. She currently delivers a variety of training programmes for small organizations and she works with leaders, coaching them around leadership issues and providing support.
Judith is based in Portishead and works throughout the South West including Bath ,Bristol, Wiltshire and Somerset.

Creative  Way  Coaching

So much to do when working in education, so many pressures on teachers, deadlines, initiatives and directives. Endless marking, lesson planning, dashing around. Coping with behaviour of pupils or students, staff, management, authorities. Being expected to do things you never trained for or thought you would be asked to do. Everything endlessly changing, goalposts moving. Want to progress my teaching career, how to find the time, not sure which direction I want to go.. oh and what about my family? … Utter exhaustion, teacher stress, burnout….. what about me…….. sounds familiar?

Teachers need support. Personal life coaching with a skilled life coach who has been a teacher can help you with issues relating to teacher well-being, increasing your confidence, time management, stress management, moving your career forward in whatever way is beneficial for you (including leaving teaching if that is right for you), improving your personal life-work balance, leadership and conflict management.

I am an independent life coach offering confidential support for teachers, classroom assistants, NQTs, classroom teachers, head of departments, school managers or leaders, lecturers, professors and management in tertiary and higher education.

Dragonfly Training

One to One Coaching for Teachers

Teaching is a stressful job at the best of times and many teachers struggle to stay on top of their work load, keep motivated and find time to do what’s needed to recharge the batteries outside of school. So when additional challenges enter into our realm, such as an inspection, a crises with a pupil, conflict with colleagues or difficulties at home, then this can often be the trigger for a quick spiral into feelings of despair or overload. You might notice that you feel bad-tempered all the time or just don’t have any enthusiasm for the things you used to enjoy or maybe you find it harder and harder to get out of bed in the morning.

One-to-one coaching is a new service that Dragonfly is offering to help teachers stay on top of their work load and to find strategies for coping with the pressures and challenges of work and home life. After just three or four one-to-one coaching sessions, you will start to feel your energy and enthusiasm return.

The course outline gives you a flavour of what could be covered in the one-to-one coaching, however the sessions will be tailored to your individual needs and concerns and are not prescriptive. Coaching is of course confidential and can be conducted in person or by Skype and at a time of day that suits you.

Elizabeth Juffs

One to one personalised support for staff
High-level, independent, tailor-made coaching for school leaders delivered by an experienced teacher and Accredited Life Coach.

This professional support assists school staff to greater personal and organisational effectiveness.
Who is this programme for?
The coaching is targeted at senior leaders in schools especially those relatively new in post.  Headteachers, Deputy Headteachers, and school leaders have increased demands on their time, energy and stress levels, often feel isolated and in need of impartial, professional support as a sounding board and catalyst for positive change.


Graydin partner with schools to train senior leaders, teachers and others in the community to coach. Graydin firmly believe that every teacher can coach. Our vision is the transformation of education and we specialise in embedding coaching cultures within education. 

“Graydin is a team of passionate and talented coaches who, five years ago, began a journey to create and share a unique coaching model and deliver services designed to meet the needs and challenges of 21st century educators. 
Through our collective dedication, heart and energy, we are now a global provider of  momentum-building and sustainable coaching services and programmes to schools., colleges and universities.
Graydin delivers in-house coaching training programmes to schools (Independent, State Maintained, Academy and Free Schools) in the UK and abroad.  Our services include coaching courses, one-to-one coaching and online support and resources. We have to date trained Senior Leadership Teams (Heads and Deputy Heads), middle management and teaching staff, as well as parents, students and university lecturers.”

Hands Down Education

Hands Down Education coaching mission:
Provide others with the confidence, tools and guidance needed to accelerate their own development.
Kate knows the importance of coaching at all stages of our careers. A coaching session as a wonderful alternative to a training course, especially if someone needs support in a very specific area.

Drawing on years of experience, particularly in challenging contexts, we provide one to one support for teachers in any area.

As with everything Hands Down Education offers, together we can adapt the support to suit the individual and we can fit the support into the development opportunities you provide in-house. We can create an individual programme of support or, if needed, just a one-off session.

Head to Inspire

Outstanding performance is not only the result of having great subject knowledge. Excellent subject knowledge isn’t enough to perform at your best!
Head to Inspire provides coaching & personal development workshops to increase the well – being and the professional performance of all staff in schools- from teachers to headteachers, from business managers to teaching assistants.

Heads Up

At Heads Up, we specialise in helping Heads create outstanding schools. We work with Heads who want to deliver exceptional education but, for a range of reasons, are struggling to achieve their goal.

Our Journey to Outstanding programme enable Heads and their leadership teams to create an outstanding school culture by establishing a powerful vision, instilling healthy conflict and growing their team’s skills. The end result is an outstanding school culture.

There is a bit of magic when it comes to being truly outstanding, and we help you create it.

Iain Smith Coaching

Iain Smith Coaching provides valuable support for you and your school.

I help you to manage your mindset, energy and time, so that you can have a lasting, fulfilling career, and meaningful influence on your pupils and staff.

My one to one coaching helps busy headteachers and senior leaders think clearly, act decisively and feel empowered.


Whatever your role in education the pressure of balancing the deliverables with the needs of the students is enormous.  Teaching can be enormously rewarding, but it’s not without pressure and stress at both strategic and operational levels.

Transformational coaching can change that situation by reaching to the core thinking and creating a way to meet the challenges of the educational environment.  You’ll find our approach is tailored to your role to work on your vision, leadership, stress transformation and re-energising performance.
What does this mean for your school?

Clarity of vision and the route to enhanced progress and school improvement
Increased enthusiasm, ,energy and attainment in the classroom
More conscious levels of accountability and responsibility
A deeper understanding of each person’s role and what can be delivered
A school with a strong ethos, clarity, focus and improved performance at every level.

The coaching programme involves working with individuals on a confidential one-to-one basis.  This means that each person gets precisely what they need the most to allow them to break through their personal barriers.  It’s an innovative, experiential and personalised process.

As individuals excel, teamwork also improves and the school benefits in its overall results.

Let’s talk about your aspirations and explore the means of achieving them – please call Hugh on 07940 553877 to start the conversation.

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