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Elizabeth Juffs

One to one personalised support for staff
High-level, independent, tailor-made coaching for school leaders delivered by an experienced teacher and Accredited Life Coach.

This professional support assists school staff to greater personal and organisational effectiveness.
Who is this programme for?
The coaching is targeted at senior leaders in schools especially those relatively new in post.  Headteachers, Deputy Headteachers, and school leaders have increased demands on their time, energy and stress levels, often feel isolated and in need of impartial, professional support as a sounding board and catalyst for positive change.


Graydin partner with schools to train senior leaders, teachers and others in the community to coach. Graydin firmly believe that every teacher can coach. Our vision is the transformation of education and we specialise in embedding coaching cultures within education. 

“Graydin is a team of passionate and talented coaches who, five years ago, began a journey to create and share a unique coaching model and deliver services designed to meet the needs and challenges of 21st century educators. 
Through our collective dedication, heart and energy, we are now a global provider of  momentum-building and sustainable coaching services and programmes to schools., colleges and universities.
Graydin delivers in-house coaching training programmes to schools (Independent, State Maintained, Academy and Free Schools) in the UK and abroad.  Our services include coaching courses, one-to-one coaching and online support and resources. We have to date trained Senior Leadership Teams (Heads and Deputy Heads), middle management and teaching staff, as well as parents, students and university lecturers.”

Hands Down Education

Hands Down Education coaching mission:
Provide others with the confidence, tools and guidance needed to accelerate their own development.
Kate knows the importance of coaching at all stages of our careers. A coaching session as a wonderful alternative to a training course, especially if someone needs support in a very specific area.

Drawing on years of experience, particularly in challenging contexts, we provide one to one support for teachers in any area.

As with everything Hands Down Education offers, together we can adapt the support to suit the individual and we can fit the support into the development opportunities you provide in-house. We can create an individual programme of support or, if needed, just a one-off session.

Head to Inspire

Outstanding performance is not only the result of having great subject knowledge. Excellent subject knowledge isn’t enough to perform at your best!
Head to Inspire provides coaching & personal development workshops to increase the well – being and the professional performance of all staff in schools- from teachers to headteachers, from business managers to teaching assistants.

Heads Up

At Heads Up, we specialise in helping Heads create outstanding schools. We work with Heads who want to deliver exceptional education but, for a range of reasons, are struggling to achieve their goal.

Our Journey to Outstanding programme enable Heads and their leadership teams to create an outstanding school culture by establishing a powerful vision, instilling healthy conflict and growing their team’s skills. The end result is an outstanding school culture.

There is a bit of magic when it comes to being truly outstanding, and we help you create it.

Iain Smith Coaching

Iain Smith Coaching provides valuable support for you and your school.

I help you to manage your mindset, energy and time, so that you can have a lasting, fulfilling career, and meaningful influence on your pupils and staff.

My one to one coaching helps busy headteachers and senior leaders think clearly, act decisively and feel empowered.


Whatever your role in education the pressure of balancing the deliverables with the needs of the students is enormous.  Teaching can be enormously rewarding, but it’s not without pressure and stress at both strategic and operational levels.

Transformational coaching can change that situation by reaching to the core thinking and creating a way to meet the challenges of the educational environment.  You’ll find our approach is tailored to your role to work on your vision, leadership, stress transformation and re-energising performance.
What does this mean for your school?

Clarity of vision and the route to enhanced progress and school improvement
Increased enthusiasm, ,energy and attainment in the classroom
More conscious levels of accountability and responsibility
A deeper understanding of each person’s role and what can be delivered
A school with a strong ethos, clarity, focus and improved performance at every level.

The coaching programme involves working with individuals on a confidential one-to-one basis.  This means that each person gets precisely what they need the most to allow them to break through their personal barriers.  It’s an innovative, experiential and personalised process.

As individuals excel, teamwork also improves and the school benefits in its overall results.

Let’s talk about your aspirations and explore the means of achieving them – please call Hugh on 07940 553877 to start the conversation.

Jackie Beere Associates

Training and Consultancy for Inspiring Staff Development

Jackie Beere is a leading educational trainer and consultant, a former Headteacher, School Improvement Partner, Advanced Skills Teacher, AST Assessor, life coach and NLP Master Practitioner. She is also a successful author of many books including The Perfect Teacher and The Perfect (Ofsted) Lesson. You can see these and her other books by clicking here.


Jessica Shields coaching

Individual Coaching for Teaching Staff offers 1:1 coaching sessions with a strong focus on well-being, career progression and time management, amongst many other areas. The coaching sessions offer dedicated time to stop in such a busy lifestyle, which is crucial to allowing us to take stock of what’s happening and re-evaluate what needs to be done.

As part of your teaching career, do you want:

Reduced stress levels
Work- life balance
To be more effective with your time
To plan your career steps
A new confidence
More motivation

And if you were to have all of these, how would your career and life be different to how it is now? If you would like to implement all of these, and much more into your current way of working, then Coaching for Teaching Staff is for you! Coaching provides the dedicated time and space you need to work on yourself, gain new ideas and create a plan of action for success. Sessions also provide complete confidentiality and detachment, to ensure you are in a neutral environment, gaining the constructive feedback you require to move forward.
Group Coaching for Teaching Staff
Alternative to 1:1 Coaching Sessions, Group Coaching for Teaching Staff can be another highly effective way of supporting teaching staff in a variety of areas such as:

Professional Development
Fulfilling the School Vision
Adjusting to Change
Support and Progression

Workshops offer the opportunity to share ideas, understand direction and listen to how things are for other members of staff. They provide the clarity needed to enhance performance and still provide that vital time for ourselves to stop and reflect on how we see the world. Group coaching workshops are offered as an alternative, to move away from the 1:1 format and can reduce cost, whilst still gaining the great benefits of coaching. It allows all group members to feel ‘on the same page’ and gain peer support whilst still focusing on what current obstacles are in place, how to overcome these and planning the next steps you may need to take as a group and/or individually. Group size can vary upon your needs; however, we suggest a maximum of 12 people in a room at a time to keep within time frames. Workshops have proven great outcomes when delivered half termly; this allows us to review progress of goals regularly and to focus on the impact of immediate action.

KJH Optimum Coaching

Bespoke Educational Coaching

Whole school CPD on the coaching model

Explore the GROW model of leadership and management, pedagogy, methodology, training, embedding and impact.
Training leaders to be a coach
Deliver and model the process into practice 

Personalised coaching in school: Individual goal setting

Individual teaching coaching
Head of department / faculty coaching
NQT and NQT +1 coaching 

Middle leadership: Solution focussed coaching

Being an effective leader, ‘how to manage well’
Practical support in leading a team
Action planning
Accountability – holding others to account
Accountability – being held to account  

Specific support: 1-1 or group sessions

Head teacher, experienced and newly appointed
Senior leaders
Middle leaders
Coaching NQTs
Mentoring NQTs  

Whole school leadership: Change management

School / teacher support with lesson observations and the professional coaching to facilitate solution focussed and reflective conversation, ensuring positive outcomes 
Managing change; organisational, curriculum, faculty, department and individual 


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