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School counselling – promoting psychological well-being for teachers and support staff
Schools are not always easy places to work. As well as the demands and expectations placed on pupils, teachers, including head teachers, teaching assistants and other support staff can also be affected by stress, anxiety, conflict, behavioural and other problematic issues. Thankfully dedicated school counselling and mediation services are available to provide much needed help and support.

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We are based in Eastham on the Wirral and Kingsmead in Northwich.

As ex-teachers ourselves we understand the impact that the demands of the job can have on people’s personal and professional lives.

We also know that there is very little workplace support available when teachers are experiencing the type of stress and strain which can affect your emotional well-being.

To find out more about our counselling service please follow the links which we hope you will find helpful. Feel free to contact either of us for more information and without obligation.

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Neroli counselling

Prior to taking a career break, I spent 5 years as a secondary school and SEN teacher in Stoke-on-Trent and a further 5 years as an education welfare officer working with teachers in North Staffordshire to assist pupils who were struggling to access education. As a placement during my Post-Graduate Diploma in Counselling and Psychotherapy I provided therapeutic play sessions within a school in South Manchester. Whilst there I saw the commitment and dedication of a hard-working staff putting the best interests of their pupils ahead of their own wellbeing.

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For many years the education system has been forced to respond to constant changes. The rate these changes are being implemented along with increases in data collection, monitoring and accountability is leading to huge rises in stress levels among professionals.
So many teachers take time off due to stress… and never go back Today, demands on education professionals have never been greater. So many take time off work due to stress… and never go back.
Through my involvement with schools I have noticed a problem that seems to be growing year on year. It is claimed that one in three teachers’ emotional health will suffer at sometime throughout their career and yet few do little about it before it’s too late.


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Sheila Jane Teaching

USA based site from an ex-teacher passionate about teacher wellbeing and happiness.  Mostly a paid for service but some freebies too!



The Teacher Sanctuary

Our mission is to touch the lives of teachers around the world, starting with one; starting with YOU!
What if we made a positive difference to one teacher today that makes a positive difference to thousands of children tomorrow and in the future?

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