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Education Support Partnership

Our Vision:

Everyone working in education with the support to be at their best.

Business Phone Number: 08000 562 561
Teaching Staff Trust

Our charity provides hardship grants to help people through times of financial trouble. So if you work or have worked in the education sector and need a little extra help, just ask. We’re proud to approve 9 out of 10 grant applications.

If you work or have retired from working in a school, a nursery or any other education role for under-19s then TST is here for you. Our role is to make grants that help people to stay independent and out of financial hardship. Among the people that have benefited from our grants are nursery workers, teaching assistants and learning support staff, teachers, lunchtime supervisors and school administrators.

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Hi, I’m Eileen, mum of 3, teacher and financial coach, empowering professional women to become happier, healthier and wealthier.

By showing you how to make small, sustainable changes, I can help you create the financial security and freedom you deserve.


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