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Headteacher Support

Head to Inspire

Outstanding performance is not only the result of having great subject knowledge. Excellent subject knowledge isn’t enough to perform at your best!
Head to Inspire provides coaching & personal development workshops to increase the well – being and the professional performance of all staff in schools- from teachers to headteachers, from business managers to teaching assistants.

Heads Up

At Heads Up, we specialise in helping Heads create outstanding schools. We work with Heads who want to deliver exceptional education but, for a range of reasons, are struggling to achieve their goal.

Our Journey to Outstanding programme enable Heads and their leadership teams to create an outstanding school culture by establishing a powerful vision, instilling healthy conflict and growing their team’s skills. The end result is an outstanding school culture.

There is a bit of magic when it comes to being truly outstanding, and we help you create it.

KJH Optimum Coaching

Bespoke Educational Coaching

Whole school CPD on the coaching model

Explore the GROW model of leadership and management, pedagogy, methodology, training, embedding and impact.
Training leaders to be a coach
Deliver and model the process into practice 

Personalised coaching in school: Individual goal setting

Individual teaching coaching
Head of department / faculty coaching
NQT and NQT +1 coaching 

Middle leadership: Solution focussed coaching

Being an effective leader, ‘how to manage well’
Practical support in leading a team
Action planning
Accountability – holding others to account
Accountability – being held to account  

Specific support: 1-1 or group sessions

Head teacher, experienced and newly appointed
Senior leaders
Middle leaders
Coaching NQTs
Mentoring NQTs  

Whole school leadership: Change management

School / teacher support with lesson observations and the professional coaching to facilitate solution focussed and reflective conversation, ensuring positive outcomes 
Managing change; organisational, curriculum, faculty, department and individual 



Leadercoach Life Coaching supports and encourages Headteachers and school leaders to reach for further success and fulfilment in their personal, or professional life through one to one coaching.

Life Coaching is a proven way to help you to attain greater motivation, success and enjoyment from life.
Motivation is the key to success for us all. A life coach will help you to become more successful, attain achievable goals, and clarify what you actually do want from life. With full support, help and guidance, a life coach can help you to be successful in those challenging times of uncertainty, anxiety or loss of confidence.
A Headteacher or senior leader role in schools is one of the most challenging roles today. The sessions will provide you with support, help you become focused, stay committed to your goals, achieve them, and fight off distractions that are hindering your continued success as a Headteacher.

Liz Scott Coaching & Training

As a leader, it goes without saying that you need to be performing to your maximum: your organisation, business and team are depending on you to be at your best.
What is the impact of leadership coaching?

Leadership coaching gives you the tools to achieve this by enabling you to take a step back; giving you the space and clarity you need to take a detached view of yourself and your performance.
‘Liz Scott Coaching and Training’ works with many leaders. The organisations may be different but the leaders all face similar issues; it could be communication, delegation, confidence or effectiveness.
Regaining your passion for leadership
Busy leaders can at times struggle to see the wood for the trees and get bogged down, making it difficult for them to carry out their most important tasks. So taking that step back is crucial in removing themselves from the situation and re-connecting with their strategic role. Suddenly, they find they’ve regained their passion for the work that they do.
Leadership coaching develops great leaders
Good leaders also bring out the best in their teams; they inspire, they listen and they are non-judgmental. This is what 1-2-1 leadership coaching brings; it offers you the chance to develop and grow.
The end result of leadership coaching is just that – results. See the difference that leadership coaching can make.

Paul Daly Head Coaching

Paul Daly Head Coaching provides effective personal and professional development coaching to help headteachers and leaders in education create significant and lasting improvements to their quality of life, both in school and at home.

We will help you navigate the many priorities that senior leaders in schools and colleges are facing and enjoy your successes at the same time.

Coaching is:

a non-critical and non-judgemental helping process
a powerful way to overcome internal barriers to success
adaptable to use with all age groups
used across a group or one-to-one
adding to the impact of conventional training
easily carried out.

Shine Education and Training

Dave was a late entrant to the world of education. His route into teaching was unconventional to say the least; with a classical law degree from the University of Exeter and a brief spell in business as an Independent Financial Adviser, it seemed unlikely that becoming a primary school teacher was ‘on the cards’. After a chance visit to a local primary school, the rest, as they say, is history…
Dave is passionate about the education of the whole child and the importance that a ‘values education’ plays in shaping well rounded independent learners who are ready and able to meet the demands of the 21st Century head-on with confidence. Dave’s passion and particular area of interest is the power of ‘grit’ or a ‘growth mindset’ and how this can impact on learning.
Dave has never lost his belief in education as a powerful vehicle to promote growth, both for children and young people and also for those working with them. 
Experience and Expertise
Since 2003, his involvement in and commitment to education has seen him hold a variety of roles:

School Improvement Adviser – Babcock International (Local Authority)

Leadership Trainer / Programme Facilitator

Facilitator for The Future Leaders Trust

Facilitator for the Horley Schools Middle Leadership Programmes

Facilitator for the Horley Schools Senior Leadership Programmes

Surrey South Farnham SCITT (School-Centred Initial Teaching Training) Programme

Programme Consultant – Recruitment and Marketing TBC

Support Tutor

Chairperson and Strategic Lead for the Horley Schools Confederation 

Member of the Board of Governors – Reigate Grammar School

3 x Primary Headships:

2-form entry infant school

3-form entry infant school

3-form / 4-form entry junior school

Special Educational Needs Coordinator

Leading Mathematics Practitioner for Surrey Local Authority

Throughout this time he has focused on developing his knowledge and understanding of what makes people ‘tick’ and finding creative ways to share this with hard-pressed school staff and leaders. He has a particular interest in helping leaders and leadership teams to gain a greater appreciation of what they do well, and to use this as a basis for planning and supporting further growth.
In his work as a Primary Headteacher, Dave’s style was unique in that he combined two traits which do not usually co-exist. In fact, often they sit at diametrically opposite ends of the leadership spectrum. He combined the rigour required to bring about transformational change with an innate sense of fun and warmth.
In his role as a coach / school development consultant little has changed; Dave has an outcome focus which is informed by his professional background. His style combines challenge with empathy and support. He is clear-sighted and pragmatic, with a sensitive, intuitive approach. He is methodical, systematic and results orientated, whilst simultaneously forging excellent relationships, which motivate school leaders and excite them about their roles.
Dave is particularly interested in performance coaching and has a proven track record for creating a culture where staff are independent and solution-focused.
This experience, coupled with regular work in primary and secondary schools, keeps his coaching and school improvement work firmly rooted in the real world of education.
In all aspects of his work, Dave engages credibly and personably with a wide spectrum of those involved in education – trainee teachers, class teachers, senior staff, Governors and Headteachers / school principals alike.
In his spare time, Dave enjoys cycling and surfing. He is married with 3 children.
He is based in Surrey, in the Reigate area, near Junction 8 on the M25.

Who are we?
Shine Education and Training is an education and leadership consultancy. 
What services do we offer?
Our focus and passion is on further improving outcomes for children / students, in whatever setting. We do this through the high quality services we offer:

1:1 Coaching

SLT / Group / Team Coaching

Middle Leadership Programmes

Senior Leadership Programmes

Development Programmes for NQT+1s / NQT+2s

Whole School Development Consultancy

INSET Sessions  

Courses & Workshops

Systems Leadership

Bespoke school packages 

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