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Leadership Training

Iain Smith Coaching
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Together we find ways for you to embrace the professional and emotional challenges of school leadership.

You undoubtedly have an array of challenges clamouring for your attention. Coaching can give you:

• the clarity and focus to deal effectively with these issues
• the confidence to lead your team through them
• the ability to consistently motivate yourself and your staff.

As a senior leader you may also experience from time to time a certain solitude, doubt in your ability or the feeling of overwhelm at the sheer scale of the job. Working with me as your coach you can overcome these obstacles and:

• learn how to create the productive working relationships successful schools need
• adopt a range of strategies to ‘survive and thrive’ at work
• develop into the confident and effective leader you aspire to be


We are passionate people who care deeply about your development, your team’s development and your organisation’s development. We are concerned about medium to long term sustainable development and growth over time that has a significant impact on your wellbeing through improving effectiveness, resilience and your own performance.

We offer team coaching, individual coaching, leadership and coaching training, career progression training and coaching, and also public speaking.  Our coaches have extensive experience of working and coaching in schools, both primary and secondary phases, and have worked in senior leadership positions.

We specialise in working with leaders, bringing challenge and support, and using baseline assessments to measure the impact of our work.

Professional Learning Programs – Carnegie Centre of Excellence for Mental Health in Schools

Available Courses

Mental Health and Wellbeing Lead Governor Status E-Module – Delivered in Collaboration with TheSchoolBus

Developing a Whole School Mental Health Approach Workshop

Essential Mental Health Skills for Schools

Leading Mental Health from the Middle E-Module

Development Programme for School Mental Health Lead

Level 2 Mental Health Skills for Learning Practitioners Programme (Accredited by OCN London)

Level 3 – Essential Mental Health Skills (accredited by OCN London)

Half Day Workshops*

MA Leadership of School Mental Health and Wellbeing

Mental Health ITT Development Programme

Leading Mental Health from the Middle

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