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Leadership Training

KJH Optimum Coaching

Bespoke Educational Coaching

Whole school CPD on the coaching model

Explore the GROW model of leadership and management, pedagogy, methodology, training, embedding and impact.
Training leaders to be a coach
Deliver and model the process into practice 

Personalised coaching in school: Individual goal setting

Individual teaching coaching
Head of department / faculty coaching
NQT and NQT +1 coaching 

Middle leadership: Solution focussed coaching

Being an effective leader, ‘how to manage well’
Practical support in leading a team
Action planning
Accountability – holding others to account
Accountability – being held to account  

Specific support: 1-1 or group sessions

Head teacher, experienced and newly appointed
Senior leaders
Middle leaders
Coaching NQTs
Mentoring NQTs  

Whole school leadership: Change management

School / teacher support with lesson observations and the professional coaching to facilitate solution focussed and reflective conversation, ensuring positive outcomes 
Managing change; organisational, curriculum, faculty, department and individual 


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