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So much to do when working in education, so many pressures on teachers, deadlines, initiatives and directives. Endless marking, lesson planning, dashing around. Coping with behaviour of pupils or students, staff, management, authorities. Being expected to do things you never trained for or thought you would be asked to do. Everything endlessly changing, goalposts moving. Want to progress my teaching career, how to find the time, not sure which direction I want to go.. oh and what about my family? … Utter exhaustion, teacher stress, burnout….. what about me…….. sounds familiar?

Teachers need support. Personal life coaching with a skilled life coach who has been a teacher can help you with issues relating to teacher well-being, increasing your confidence, time management, stress management, moving your career forward in whatever way is beneficial for you (including leaving teaching if that is right for you), improving your personal life-work balance, leadership and conflict management.

I am an independent life coach offering confidential support for teachers, classroom assistants, NQTs, classroom teachers, head of departments, school managers or leaders, lecturers, professors and management in tertiary and higher education.

Destress Monday Teachers’ Program

A new stress reduction program designed especially for teachers by Johns Hopkins University and The Monday Campaigns. The goal is to help you start the week in a positive frame of mind and manage stress throughout the week. Each Monday, you’ll receive an email with new stress reduction practices along with complementary exercises that can be used in the classroom.

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A great blog focussing on mindfulness for staff and children.

Happy Teachers

Transformational coaching for school leaders

Mindfulness and personal development training for teachers

It starts with you…

It really is that simple. Happy teachers means happier pupils. With more and more teachers leaving the profession it’s time to put them first. Take care of your teachers’ and teaching assistants’ well-being and manage your own stress levels by learning to live more mindfully.

There is no time like the present, in fact it’s the only time, so take a look to see how we can help to transform your school today.

Learn Happy

Promoting happiness in the classroom.
Support, resources and training.
Good mental health is an issue for all of us. While it is common to think that we should offer interventions to those who present with obvious needs, the fact is that we all benefit from being involved in activities that develop positive coping strategies and promote meaningful, respectful relationships – staff and pupils alike!

Love Being Me

Type of resource: coaching, on-line courses, books, courses, bespoke training for schools

Description – Love Being Me supports working parents to balance the demands on their life and look after themselves so they can be the best parents, teachers, partners and people they can be.

Whether you are dealing with stress, divorce, redundancy, low self-esteem, fatigue or just a general lack of zing, Julie can draw on tools from psychology, mindfulness, bereavement, domestic abuse, spiritual traditions and coaching to help you find yourself again.

Dr Julie Leoni is an author, life coach and psychology teacher with over 25 years’ experience of training and facilitating groups. She has worked with organisations to develop Emotional Intelligence and has experience and training in bereavement, domestic abuse, mindfulness and meditation as well as a number of therapeutic approaches. She has 2 sons who she loves loads and who sometimes drive her crazy.


Mindful Me

Empowering programmes for the Education Sector

Are your staff and students mentally prepared for the academic demands of the new qualifications?

Have you considered what the summer term would look like if you were able to provide staff and students with scientifically proven techniques to help them to learn more effectively, think more clearly, perform better, feel calmer, happier and less anxious?

Stress amongst teachers and students in the UK is at an all-time high and staff absenteeism, due to stress related illnesses, is costing the country billions of pounds every year. The result of this stress epidemic could be depriving our young people of the best possible start in life.

It’s not all doom and gloom though! The latest scientific research proves that practising mindfulness improves attention, reaction time, memory and creativity. It also develops stamina and resilience. Neuroscientists have shown that by practicing mindfulness for a period of just six-weeks can change your brain, leaving it healthier and able to protect you from toxic stress.

Mindfulness is a form of mental training, with regular practice you can build your mindfulness muscle, as you develop this muscle you become more aware and more focused in all aspects of your life.

Our bespoke Mindfulness and Compassion six-week programme (6 x 1hr sessions) is tailored to alleviate stress, reduce fatigue and increase overall well-being. It will teach participants to identify their causes of stress and permanently alter the way they handle potential stressful situations in the future. Mindfulness will enable participants to be reflective not reactive.

Mindfulness courses will equip your staff and students with the tools for life long well-being.

Mindfulness in Schools Project

The aim of Mindfulness in Schools Project (MiSP) is to bring mindfulness to young people and those who care for them in order to advance their wellbeing and resilience.
MiSP was established in 2009 as a not-for-profit organisation and is in the process of becoming a charity.  It develops specialist, age appropriate mindfulness curricula and materials and trains qualified adults to deliver them to young people, primarily in educational settings.
MiSP curricula are taught in a wide range of educational contexts, from clinical settings and pupil-referral units to primary and secondary schools in both the maintained and independent sectors across the UK and overseas.
Once a charity, MiSP hopes to bring these programs to schools working in disadvantaged areas and on limited budgets that might not otherwise be able to access them.
MiSP offers continued support to its trained teachers through its Teacher Network which includes :
• access to all the up-to-date curriculum materials
• technical support
• support and advice from MiSP trainers
•‘Reconnect’ days allowing MiSP trainers and other teachers to meet and share good practice
• forums allowing teachers to network with each other
• inclusion on teacher maps on the MiSPwebsite
• publicity advice and materials for self-employed trainers

Mindfulness Training Academy

Are you worried about the increasing level of teacher stress in your school? Are your pupils showing increasing signs of mental ill-health? Do you want to address mental ill-health in your school but don’t know where to start?

The Mindfulness Training Academy specialises in providing customised well-being programmes for schools, including online Mindfulness Stress Reduction courses for teachers and students. The core of the programme includes:

* A partnership with staff who are responsible for teacher and student well-being.

* An initial anonymised well-being survey of teachers and students.

* A summary of the findings.

* A tailored action plan to develop effective well-being strategies, based on the findings of the survey.

* A lifetime license, including upgrades, giving teachers and students access to the Mindfulness Training Academy’s online Mindfulness Stress Reduction courses.

* An interim review of the impact of the well-being programme.

* Unlimited online consultancy during the programme.

* A final report on impact, including identification of strategies to develop the programme further.

For further details of the Well-Being programme for schools, click on the link to Dropbox below. Download the document to your desktop and save a copy:

Steve Waters

Mindfulness Training Academy

07504 635 431
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