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Teacher Resource Sites

Primary Resources

Free lesson plans, activity ideas and resources for primary teachers.

Scheme Support

Compare over 150 schemes of work 

Scheme Support makes it easy for teachers, subject leaders and senior leadership to choose the right Key Stage 1 & Key Stage 2 scheme of work for their school and students. 

It’s always free to search and list a scheme, because we believe using the right scheme of work can make a huge difference to your school.

Teaching Ideas

Teaching Ideas contains thousands of free classroom activity ideas, downloadable resources, display photos and other educational content that teachers can use with their children. It is mainly intended for UK teachers, but the ideas and resources can be used by teachers, parents and other educators all around the world.

Made by teachers, for teachers


Topmarks is a leading independent educational website for children, teaching professionals and parents.


The trusted home of unique, teacher created, planning and assessment materials and teaching resources!



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