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Wellbeing Services

#senco5aday – Anita Devi

As a previous SENCO, serving on SLT and full time classroom teacher, I know the challenges many SENCOs face.  Since 2009, I have worked with organisations such as nasen and other SENCO Award providers to explore SENCO well-being.

In 2016, I was involved in four main projects to support and extend SENCO well-being:

A FREE Time Management ebook for SENCOs. Feedback in applying this bespoke approach has been every encouraging and positive.  Give it a try!
Training on ‘Reducing the SEND paperwork’.  This will continue into 2017 – outcomes that have been shared by attendees confirm the need to streamline the paperwork trail to make it effective and meaningful.
Introduced a low-cost/high-impact CPD model for SENCOs to support other staff on an on-going basis.
To support, sustain and develop long-standing SENCOs, we launched SENCo Masterclass.  This will continue in 2017 and beyond, with an added approach that will support all SENCOs in their long-term professional development.

Based on the concepts of #teacher5aday by Martyn Reah and his global team; we are now launching #senco5aday:

To stay connected and to share strategies to support #senco5aday – do fill in the form on the website.

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21 Soul

Wellbeing and Soul Making for Schools and Colleges
My support for schools and colleges develops and sustains deep wellbeing practices for staff and students alike. These programmes contribute to motivation, creative learning, achievement and the building of excellent pastoral systems. They are based on many years of practice and research in education – and particularly in staff and student wellbeing*.
Consultancy and advice services to schools and colleges include:


support and advice in setting up deep wellbeing practices in your establishment.

providing you with the knowledge you will need to set up and sustain integral wellbeing work.

support in recruiting and utilising counsellors and creating wellbeing programmes for your staff.

running wellbeing surveys, stress audits, focus groups and training programmes.

providing staff support though soulful conversations and coaching.

Talks and workshops are available for training days, conferences & events.
A range of talks and workshops can be provided to individual institutions and for conferences and larger events. These can include:


the how and why of wellbeing in schools, colleges and education workplaces.

managing stress and emotional arousal for thinking, learning and behaviour.

building integral wellbeing to support healthy, energetic, engaged life and work.

the importance of modelling by staff when talking about wellbeing with students.

links between wellbeing, motivation and achievement – in adults and children alike!

deeper concepts like calling, flow and authenticity, and how they support creative learning.

how listening supports wider pastoral and academic work in schools or colleges.

trying out practical listening skills in a safe and secure setting.

how adults in school can listen to students in ways that make a difference.

contexts and confidentiality – and how to ask the right sorts of questions.

how listening can be embedded as part of your vision, policies and practices.

Angela Browne The Nourished School

Inspiring educators to create schools that nourish

I’m Angela and I work with teachers and educators wanting to create schools that nourish.

I inspire education folk to bring creativity and heart to the fore to bring about lasting and meaningful change.

Coaching Teachers – Rachel Schofield

As an ex teacher with 15 years experience in mainstream and EBD 11 to 18 years provision, I love learning and have a distinction in a Personal Coaching Diploma from the Coaching Academy. I work one to one with staff face-to-face, by phone and over Skype to support them to get from where they are now to where they want to be. I, myself, left teaching due to severe work related illness and am passionate that others should have access to support to regain and enhance confidence, resilience and self-fulfillment.
I also deliver in-service training to introduce teachers and leaders to coaching through an interactive group coaching session. Please contact me if you’d like to find out more.
I welcome enquiries  from all teachers – newly qualified right through to senior leaders who are looking to engage in coaching in one of more of the following areas:
General Work Related Stress and Anxiety
Work/Life Balance
Continuing Professional Development
Career Change
Confidence and Resilience
Assessment and/or Inspection Issues
This list is not exhaustive so please feel free to contact me to arrange a free, confidential discussion on any other concerns you may have in relation to  your career.

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Our Vision:

Everyone working in education with the support to be at their best.

08000 562 561
Empower Education

Children’s, Parent’s and Teacher’s Wellbeing

We are so passionate about making a difference in people’s lives and our programmes provide each person with a toolkit of life skills that will help them understand and manage their emotions, become more self aware, believe in themselves, see their potential and strive to reach it!

Green & Growing Education

Attention: Over-worked, Over-stressed Teachers.
Are you sick of feeling drained after a day of what was supposed to be fulfilling? Not sure how you are going to keep up with all the work you have to do? Searching for ways to improve your work/life balance?

If this sounds like you, it’s likely you’ve started to admit to yourself that this can’t go on for too much longer. It won’t be long before you are hating Monday’s, counting down for every weekend, or starting to look for a new career.

If pushing through these boundaries, solving these restricting problems for yourself and making the most of your teaching career is important to you moving forward, then visit my site to request a copy of my FREE e-book:

Happy Teachers

Transformational coaching for school leaders

Mindfulness and personal development training for teachers

It starts with you…

It really is that simple. Happy teachers means happier pupils. With more and more teachers leaving the profession it’s time to put them first. Take care of your teachers’ and teaching assistants’ well-being and manage your own stress levels by learning to live more mindfully.

There is no time like the present, in fact it’s the only time, so take a look to see how we can help to transform your school today.

I’m OK You’re OK

A specialist service providing focussed counselling, training and emotional wellbeing support in Primary and Secondary schools.

I’m OK, You’re OK is a Social Enterprise finding new ways to bring much needed wellbeing support to more people.

Integrity Coaching

Viv has been in the education profession for over twenty five years. She is a former primary head teacher and seventeen years ago was one of the youngest heads in the country to turn around a failing primary school.

She has been a lead trainer and consultant for a number of educational training bodies, including the Department for Education, the National College,The London Centre for Leadership in Learning at the Institute of Education and the NUT. She was a  contributing author  to the 2011 publication Mentoring and Coaching in schools and in 2014 published her first book, “Staying A Head: The Stress Management Secrets of Successful School Leaders.”

She has written for the Guardian and appeared on TV, BBC Radio London and BBC Radio 4 Woman’s hour, talking about her work and the role coaching plays in helping school leaders to excel.

Now as an Executive Coach and Director of Integrity Coaching, Viv works daily with others who have taken on the mantle of school leadership. As a result, Viv understands more than most what it takes for school leaders to overcome the often deep, hidden, inner struggles of school leadership and to succeed in fulfilling their vision for themselves and their schools.

London area.

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