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Executive Coaching

Jackie Beere Associates

Training and Consultancy for Inspiring Staff Development

Jackie Beere is a leading educational trainer and consultant, a former Headteacher, School Improvement Partner, Advanced Skills Teacher, AST Assessor, life coach and NLP Master Practitioner. She is also a successful author of many books including The Perfect Teacher and The Perfect (Ofsted) Lesson. You can see these and her other books by clicking here.


Listening to your Voice

Educational coaching can be extremely beneficial in a school or college environment for students and teachers alike. Facilitating powerful change in the classroom for both teachers and students can be a key focus for some educational centres that wish to revitalise their teaching style or the attitude of the student body.

Teachers already facilitate their own development through Continuous Professional Development programs and teacher training, however, many teachers find that they benefit greatly from an educational coaching course as it allows them to focus solely on their own goals and what they need to do to improve. The confidence, self- belief and attitude of a teacher can be positively changed by the experience of professional educational coaching. Similarly, students can benefit extremely from this kind of interaction as it provides a new way of focusing on their personal targets while acting as an inspirational tool for overcoming personal challenges.

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