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Leadership Coaching

C G R Associates

“Happy, inspired adults leads to happy, inspired students?”

What makes great educational organisations? What makes great teachers and leaders? The best teachers are the best learners, the best schools are the ones that nurture the best learners … at all ages.


Transforming Teaching to Learning
Creating the Coaching Culture
Innovation in whole school CPD
Appraisal with Impact
Developing Coaching teams
121 training to improve teaching and learning
Effective behaviour management

All of Claire’s work is based upon the principles of coaching where questioning and reflection leads to rapid and sustained improvement.  

Charmaine Roche LifeFlowBalance

LifeFlowBalance Coaching and Consulting Ltd works with you to bring about personal, professional and organisational transformation through the art and science of evidence-based coaching.

We take a values-centered, strengths-based, systemic approach to individual, team, group and organisational change.

We helping professionals strengthen their sense of meaning and purpose, build resilience and achieve wellbeing in a complex, volatile, ambiguous and uncertain world.

Jackie Beere Associates

Training and Consultancy for Inspiring Staff Development

Jackie Beere is a leading educational trainer and consultant, a former Headteacher, School Improvement Partner, Advanced Skills Teacher, AST Assessor, life coach and NLP Master Practitioner. She is also a successful author of many books including The Perfect Teacher and The Perfect (Ofsted) Lesson. You can see these and her other books by clicking here.


Listening to your Voice

Educational coaching can be extremely beneficial in a school or college environment for students and teachers alike. Facilitating powerful change in the classroom for both teachers and students can be a key focus for some educational centres that wish to revitalise their teaching style or the attitude of the student body.

Teachers already facilitate their own development through Continuous Professional Development programs and teacher training, however, many teachers find that they benefit greatly from an educational coaching course as it allows them to focus solely on their own goals and what they need to do to improve. The confidence, self- belief and attitude of a teacher can be positively changed by the experience of professional educational coaching. Similarly, students can benefit extremely from this kind of interaction as it provides a new way of focusing on their personal targets while acting as an inspirational tool for overcoming personal challenges.

Senco coaching – Anita Devi

As experienced practitioners in a range of contexts, we are acutely aware of how lonely the role of a SENCO can be. So we wanted to create a cost-effective bespoke service for SENCOs and SEND Leaders to access, as and when they need it. For some settings that might be a one-off to discuss a specific issue, for others it may be mean an hour every half term.  Each setting and leader is unique.

Our process:  we have invested time into thinking how best to offer a tailored and personalised service.


Starfish Time

Here is a selection of programmes currently available although bespoke support for Leadership teams, governors or full staff is also available.

Leadership Coaching – Unlocking potential to maximise performance. Personalised leadership coaching can be a powerful way of helping you to be the leader you want to be. As your leadership coach Joy will help you to clarify your goals, understand the current situation and explore options for improvements.

Career Coaching – Helping you to decide next important steps, understand what your key motivators are and make sure the next job is the right job.

Middle leader development – Middle leaders are the key to ensuring rapid progress and improvement, Joy will put together a bespoke programme for your school leaders to ensure they can have maximum impact and lead improvements.

Questionnaires and Analysis – Staff, Parent and Pupil questionnaires and analysis carried out to suit the needs and priorities of your school.

Teaching and Learning Reviews – If you need some additional support to carry out a teaching and learning review or support the quality of teaching and learning Joy can come and work in your school.

Ofsted support and preparation – Joy can help you to prepare and present the relevant paperwork in readiness for an Ofsted inspection. She can work with staff and governors and coach them to speak confidently about the impact of their leadership and hopefully take some of the stress out of the situation.

Wellbeing – for leadership teams or whole staff teams. If you would like to get back to your values, remember why you do the job you do and revisit your key motivations Joy can support you. Just a few hours can help you to feel refreshed and ready to face the day to day challenges the job brings.

Governor Support – Governor training and support either to get ready for Ofsted or for other areas of need. Joy will build a programme that fits the needs of your governing body.

Coaching Training – Whether starting from scratch or needing to sharpen your coaching skills Joy will provide a programme for you. Using coaching with an edge to ensure that others are effective in their roles and continue to improve. Coaching provides built in accountability.

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