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mental health

Carnegie Centre of Excellence for Mental Health in Schools

The Carnegie Centre of Excellence for Mental Health in Schools, exists to strengthen the mental health of the next generation by supporting schools to make a positive change at all levels of the UK’s education system, thereby improving outcomes and life chances. This initiative, being led by Carnegie School of Education, is focused on evidence-based solutions which address schools’, pupils and parents/carers needs; the development of a professional community of school mental health experts; and leading innovation within the area.

We work with schools, organisations and professionals committed to ensuring that mental health difficulties do not limit success at school and beyond. We seek partnerships and collaborations to drive forward this agenda.

Our work focuses on these areas:

Professional development for everyone working in schools. A suite of programmes and learning ensuring relevance for all school colleagues.
Practitioners network. The development of a professional community for those (leading the agenda of mental health in schools), to deepen learning and (share best practice) harness a wealth of experience.
Providing support and guidance for schools. Resources which help schools develop and improve their mental health policies and practices.
Annual conference. A large scale event to profile innovative and proven work, deepen understanding and support the link between policy and practice.
School Mental Health Quality Mark. An accreditation for Schools to evidence and show effectiveness and impact of their whole school approach to Mental Health.
Research. To ensure that interventions are evidence-based and that we’ll produce best practice publications.
Collaboration with strategic partners. To develop strategic partnerships with other like-minded organisations to work collaboratively to develop provision and support for schools.  

Education Talking Toolkit from the Health and Safety Executive

The Talking Toolkit is designed to be used as a framework to help line managers have simple, practical conversations with school employees. It should not be used as a sole response to
an existing problem with workrelated stress in your school. The toolkit has six templates for six different conversations, each with a different theme designed to get you talking about issues which may be causing work-related stress or issues which could have the potential to become future causes if not managed properly.

Healthy Toolkit

Join us in our journey to promote healthy living, healthy eating, wellbeing and less stress. Take our message into your classrooms and staffrooms!

Stress Free Teacher

A superb wellbeing blog with tons of ideas, advice, blog posts and more.

Stress Free Teacher is run by a UK primary school teacher with a passion for teacher wellbeing.

Teach Learn Create Ltd

A passionate educator, Nina Jackson has shown time and time again what good supportive and inspirational training can bring to a school. Nina’s testimonial page is exactly that: testimony to the reason why she is the in-demand international speaker and trainer that she is.

An eye for learning
An award winning teacher, Nina started Teach Learn Create to help have an even wider impact on education across the world.

A bright spark
A beacon for fresh ideas, Nina won the IPDA award for impact on the professional development of teachers.

Digital thinking
Nina has a passion for creative and innovative use of technology grounded in firm pedagogy. Her successful courses in using mobile technology are outstanding.


If your students, teachers and school community is not a happy and emotionally well environment then effective teaching and learning does not take place. Nina’s personal and professional experience in this area will totally transform the tabooist of subjects in to an open and honest philosophy for individual development in your school.

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