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Creative  Way  Coaching

So much to do when working in education, so many pressures on teachers, deadlines, initiatives and directives. Endless marking, lesson planning, dashing around. Coping with behaviour of pupils or students, staff, management, authorities. Being expected to do things you never trained for or thought you would be asked to do. Everything endlessly changing, goalposts moving. Want to progress my teaching career, how to find the time, not sure which direction I want to go.. oh and what about my family? … Utter exhaustion, teacher stress, burnout….. what about me…….. sounds familiar?

Teachers need support. Personal life coaching with a skilled life coach who has been a teacher can help you with issues relating to teacher well-being, increasing your confidence, time management, stress management, moving your career forward in whatever way is beneficial for you (including leaving teaching if that is right for you), improving your personal life-work balance, leadership and conflict management.

I am an independent life coach offering confidential support for teachers, classroom assistants, NQTs, classroom teachers, head of departments, school managers or leaders, lecturers, professors and management in tertiary and higher education.

Stress Free Teacher

A superb wellbeing blog with tons of ideas, advice, blog posts and more.

Stress Free Teacher is run by a UK primary school teacher with a passion for teacher wellbeing.

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