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#senco5aday – Anita Devi

As a previous SENCO, serving on SLT and full time classroom teacher, I know the challenges many SENCOs face.  Since 2009, I have worked with organisations such as nasen and other SENCO Award providers to explore SENCO well-being.

In 2016, I was involved in four main projects to support and extend SENCO well-being:

A FREE Time Management ebook for SENCOs. Feedback in applying this bespoke approach has been every encouraging and positive.  Give it a try!
Training on ‘Reducing the SEND paperwork’.  This will continue into 2017 – outcomes that have been shared by attendees confirm the need to streamline the paperwork trail to make it effective and meaningful.
Introduced a low-cost/high-impact CPD model for SENCOs to support other staff on an on-going basis.
To support, sustain and develop long-standing SENCOs, we launched SENCo Masterclass.  This will continue in 2017 and beyond, with an added approach that will support all SENCOs in their long-term professional development.

Based on the concepts of #teacher5aday by Martyn Reah and his global team; we are now launching #senco5aday:

To stay connected and to share strategies to support #senco5aday – do fill in the form on the website.

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Senco coaching – Anita Devi

As experienced practitioners in a range of contexts, we are acutely aware of how lonely the role of a SENCO can be. So we wanted to create a cost-effective bespoke service for SENCOs and SEND Leaders to access, as and when they need it. For some settings that might be a one-off to discuss a specific issue, for others it may be mean an hour every half term.  Each setting and leader is unique.

Our process:  we have invested time into thinking how best to offer a tailored and personalised service.


Talking Heads Supervision – Oak Practice

Supervision for Head Teachers, Assistant Head Teachers, SENCO’s and those involved in Safe Guarding.

Why do people who work in Education come to supervision?

One Assistant Head from Warwickshire said it gives her
“the chance to reflect holistically on my practice, understand and share the blocks that were /are hampering me being the best me I can be at work – and subsequently out of work – and finding a place to offload my worries with regard to safeguarding and the toll it can take physically and mentally.”

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