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The Wellbeing Platform for Likeminded
Education Staff to Network and Socialise

The idea for EdRests comes from my own experience, where I have many friends who do not work in education.Therefore during the academic breaks if I did want to pursue my interests/hobbies during the day very few of them would be around. Having been fortunate enough to have been on some trips away with colleagues from my previous school, it dawned on me that a platform to allow people in education to network/socialise with likeminded professionals could be hugely beneficial to people’s wellbeing and widen friendship/support groups.

Fit2Teach App

Take control of your work-life balance with fit2teach
The first of its kind, our nifty new app finally gives teachers the tools to measure, track, manage and improve your work-life balance and overall wellbeing. Because the most important person in your classroom is YOU.

How does it work?

Step 1

Register for fit2teach on mobile, tablet or desktop

Step 2

Log in and spend a few minutes answering our questions every day

Step 3

See, track and improve your work-life balance and wellbeing

School Staff Surveys

Staff surveys for schools
Simple to use, low-cost surveys for Primary and Secondary Headteachers to solicit feedback from teachers and support staff.
Ofsted look for evidence of regular staff surveys, and they are the most effective and robust way to learn what your staff think.

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