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whole school wellbeing

Brilliant Schools

“Like NETFLIX but for wellbeing”

We provide a series of high quality videos and activities for staff, pupils (primary & secondary) and parents, as well as a series of bonus materials for assemblies and class discussions, all focusing on developing wellbeing in your school.

Brilliant Schools is brought to you by the people from Art of Brilliance and National Learning Trust. We are two established, leading, not for profit organisations with one common goal… to improve the future of wellbeing in our schools.

The Wellbeing Platform for Likeminded
Education Staff to Network and Socialise

The idea for EdRests comes from my own experience, where I have many friends who do not work in education.Therefore during the academic breaks if I did want to pursue my interests/hobbies during the day very few of them would be around. Having been fortunate enough to have been on some trips away with colleagues from my previous school, it dawned on me that a platform to allow people in education to network/socialise with likeminded professionals could be hugely beneficial to people’s wellbeing and widen friendship/support groups.

Every Voice Counts

Every Voice Counts is a simple, cost effective and powerful tool to boost engagement and communication within schools.

The idea is the brainchild of an expert in IT and web based software and an educator who has taught for over 25 years with experience as a Department Head, Pastoral Leader and a member of SMT.


Staff engagement is the core of every successful organisation. It has tangible results for morale, wellbeing and productivity. Every Voice Counts will enable more staff to take an active interest in the direction their school is heading, whilst in the long-term could aid with recruitment and retention.


Outside of more traditional hierarchical meeting structures, Every Voice Counts allows staff to offer ideas that perhaps they might have been concerned about raising.


Once improved engagement is achieved, the process of developing meaningful and robust communication can begin. Leadership will have the confidence to be transparent with staff and in turn staff will have a greater understanding of the, often tough, decisions they make.


With engagement, communication and empowerment comes creativity. The greatest strength of the best schools is their staff. Allowing staff to have input can create a togetherness which will have huge benefits not only for the school but also the students.

For Flourishing’s Sake Podcast

For Flourishing’s Sake is a weekly 5-minute wellbeing boost for teachers and school leaders.

It is a bite-size podcast that packs a mighty punch, giving you a weekly dose of inspiration, support and practical tools and ideas to enable you and your students to flourish, by supporting teacher and student wellbeing.

For Flourishing’s Sake – Helping you and your students flourish, in- and outside of school!

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