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Lockdown loneliness

Reading Time: 4 minutes A guest post by Rachel Ball.  I’m writing this during a half term break which I have struggled with to be honest. Whilst grateful for the break from remote learning and home-school, it’s been hard to relax. There’s the constant speculation in the press about when and how we will return to school, the challenge […]

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Sleeping well in troubled times

Reading Time: 4 minutes A guest blog from Maria Brosnan, founder of Pursuit Wellbeing and author of The Pursuit of Sleep for teachers.  DOWNLOAD The Pursuit of Sleep for free until February half term! Now is not an easy time to be in education. We have all felt the tumultuous tide of decisions, u-turns, and change, after change, after […]

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Wellbeing: the Key to Sustainable Teaching

Reading Time: 3 minutes Charlotte Hobbs (@Lottefran), a Lincolnshire-based English teacher is preparing to return to work full time after maternity leave with her daughter.  She reflects on how spending time developing her understanding of her own wellbeing whilst out of the classroom may have the most significant impact on her teaching and learning. I went back to work after […]

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Primary School Christmas Bingo 2020

Reading Time: < 1 minute Updated for 2020, our Primary School Christmas Bingo is a bit of fun for the festive season. The serious message behind it is that Education Support are there for all education staff in the UK, every day of the year. Visit their website, or call 08000 562561.  Click the image to download, or make this […]

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Be brave, be joyful and let it go

Reading Time: 3 minutes A guest post from Pete Coulson on the @VandVLearning blog.  Feeling a bit apprehensive?  Nobody would blame you. As we look forward to a new school year in September we can’t help being aware of the bigger picture. The summer of 2020 presents us with some very pressing environmental, economic and social issues that impinge […]

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Should Schools be Teaching Mental Wellbeing Strategies?

Reading Time: 3 minutes A guest post from @YourMindFitness ‘27% of suicides in young people are linked with the pressures of academic studies.’ Over the 10 years that I have been teaching, I have observed the increased levels of stress on our young people. I believe that secondary schools need to STOP using Tutor Time for marginal academic gains. […]

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Book Review: Stop Talking About Wellbeing by Kat Howard

Reading Time: 3 minutes Stop Talking about Wellbeing: A Pragmatic Approach to Teacher Workload by Kat Howard. Published by John Catt Educational Ltd English teacher, Assistant Principal and LitDrive founder Kat Howard has entered the field of teacher wellbeing books with this provocatively titled work aimed at teachers at all stages of their careers. Unusually, the book opens with […]

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Coronavirus Resources for wellbeing and mental health in schools

Reading Time: 4 minutes Please email  or tweet with any useful resources to add to this list, or to advise of any updates. There are 4 sections; Resources to support Mental Health and Wellbeing in School, Resources for families, Books and Stories for Children and Young People and Union Advice and Resources. Each section is arranged in alphabetical […]

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Empowering teachers: terrifying for some, amazing for others.

Reading Time: 6 minutes ‘I find this terrifying. We don’t want them too empowered; they’ll all leave!’ – A Secondary Head Teacher in response to the Teacher Empowerment Event. “After attending The Teacher Empowerment event a couple of weeks ago, and realising that alternatives exist, I started looking/applying for jobs. After putting myself “out there”, I was contacted by […]