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Empowering teachers: terrifying for some, amazing for others.

Reading Time: 6 minutes ‘I find this terrifying. We don’t want them too empowered; they’ll all leave!’ – A Secondary Head Teacher in response to the Teacher Empowerment Event. “After attending The Teacher Empowerment event a couple of weeks ago, and realising that alternatives exist, I started looking/applying for jobs. After putting myself “out there”, I was contacted by […]

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Live Well, Teach Well by Abigail Mann – Review

Reading Time: 2 minutes Live Well, Teach Well sets out its stall on the cover with the tagline “A practical approach to wellbeing that works”. In her introduction, Abbie describes the book as “a ‘pick-up-and-look’ resource for when you need it most.” This is not a book to be read cover to cover, nor does it draw heavily on research; […]

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Time to take SENCO wellbeing to new level

Reading Time: 4 minutes A guest post from @Butterflycolour Dedicated to all those amazing SENCOs out there: Thank you for what you do – you are amazing!   This blog has been written to compliment a presentation at The London Academies Show 2017 on ‘Effective Strategies to Support SENCO Wellbeing’.  So, I want to start with four questions: If you […]

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Vamosbox – Brain Break Cards

Reading Time: 5 minutes Improving wellbeing, social skills, concentration, and learning. Vamosbox brain breaks Indiegogo Video from Mette Marie Feildorf on Vimeo. I have written before about the link between inclusion and wellbeing. This goes for both staff and students of course, if we feel included in the school and class community then our wellbeing increases and we enjoy […]

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5 Stress Busting Moves For Tired Out Teachers

Reading Time: 3 minutes Do you feel as stiff as a board after a day’s teaching? Have hours marking books and preparing lessons left your shoulders sore and spine rigid? Pilates instructor and ex-school teacher Julia Willmott shows you how you can release back tension and de-stress with 5 easy moves: These moves can also be downloaded as a […]

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Adventures in Wellbeing

Reading Time: 6 minutes A guest post by @CristaHazell Wellbeing is a word that is everywhere in January following the implied excesses of Christmas but as a teacher, wellbeing matters every day of every week of every month of each term of the academic year. As a middle leader it is my responsibility to ensure my team have all they […]

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Putting Yourself First

Reading Time: 2 minutes A guest post by @felizz7. My 10 top tips for wellbeing 1) Number 1 is YOU. You are the most important person in that classroom. You inspire, motivate, engage, support. Yet, you often give so much of yourself to others, you forget to look after no 1. Put yourself first. 2) #notice Sometimes when the […]

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Exclusive Interview with @thatboycanteach

Reading Time: 7 minutes We caught up with prominent wellbeing blogger @thatboycanteach for a chat about wellbeing, workload and the power of a great hashtag! You have written quite a lot about wellbeing, and even been published in the TES on the subject. What triggered your interest in wellbeing and workload? My interest in wellbeing was piqued by the rise in online […]

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Exclusive Interview with Mary Myatt

Reading Time: 3 minutes   Mary Myatt advises, writes and trains. She supports schools to think imaginatively about learners’ progress and is also the author of  High Challenge, Low Threat. We recently caught up with her to talk about wellbeing in schools.     Wellbeing seems to be high up on the agenda at the moment, with quite a […]

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Our Focus This Year is Wellbeing

Reading Time: 4 minutes A guest post by @Exe_Head. Along with many other schools, this year the key focus of our School Improvement Plan is to ‘improve the wellbeing of staff and children’ We chose wellbeing as a focus for many reasons: We are a happy and stable staff, and my colleagues are a fabulous group of people who look […]