Define “work”

I’m a big fan of the fit2teach app and posts from the fit2teach staffroom turn up pretty regularly in my fb feed. I’ve seen a few along the lines of “I answered an email this evening, does that count as “work” or not?”

It’s got me thinking – what do you define as actual “work”? Some activities are clearly work –   planning, marking, writing reports. But what about joining a Twitter chat? What about surfing Pinterest looking for display ideas? (Or starting off looking for display ideas and ending up looking at insert your distraction of choice here.) What about trying to work out the logistics of your class trip when you’re trying to get to sleep? How easy is it really to identify when you are “working” and when you’re not, especially when you’re at home?


Anyway, here’s a daft idea – hop over to Google Forms and let me know what’s “work”, what’s “not work”. Use #SWworknotwork to keep the conversation going on Twitter.



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