Ever wished someone would take all your marking away?

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Ever wished someone would take all your marking away? Looks like it has occurred to George that it might just be possible. I’ve spent a lot of time talking and thinking about this since it popped up on peopleperhour.com yesterday and it seems to me there are three things that could be going on.

Option 1 – It’s a hoax. Not exactly how to charge an iPod with an onion, but strange things happen on the internet, no? Maybe some kid in George’s school thinks it’s a funny idea. Maybe it’s a staffroom joke? Maybe George’s partner is sick of the hours they spend working?

“Hey George, what say you outsource your marking and we did something different in the evenings, like, I dunno, have a conversation or something?”

Anyway, I’m open to the idea it is a hoax and George is OK, or possibly imaginary.

Option 2 –  George has a lucrative second career in web design or international espionage, and is increasing their hourly rate by subbing out their marking.  Or perhaps they got the idea from that guy who subbed out all his work to China and got paid for just turning up.

Option 3 – George is overwhelmed and needs help. Really needs help. George hasn’t had the perfect Instagram summer all their friends think they’ve had. George has spent August tied up in knots, dreading the 1st of September. George turned up for INSET on Thursday and realised that another year of excessive workload would send them over the edge.  

If anything in Option 3 resonates with you, then you need to take some action. Now. 

Search for the #teacher5aday movement on Twitter. This engaged supportive community might be able to help you.

For practical tips on reducing marking and more, follow @teacherworkload and check out their blog.

If you need more than the internet can provide (and we all do sometimes) talk to someone you trust who can help you, whether it is in school, on social media or from an organisation like Education Support Partnership . Perhaps make an appointment to go and see your doctor.

Do not suffer in silence. 

You are not alone.