Staff Wellbeing Research

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This page contains links to research about School Staff Wellbeing. It might be useful for students, or members of staff making a case for a focus on wellbeing. The majority of these resources are free but a few do require payment unless you can get them through your University or a professional subscription. The information here is ordered by date of publication, with the newest at the top. Know of any other good ones? Let us know on our Suggest a Resource page.

Many thanks to Dr Emma Kell @thosethatcan for so many brilliant suggestions.

Teacher Wellbeing in Free Schools

Teach Care @teachcareuk 20/02/2021

Is teaching bad for your wellbeing?

FFT Education Datalab @FFTEduDatalab 28/09/2020

Teacher anxiety in a typical – and atypical – year

FFT Education Datalab @FFTEduDatalab 22/09/2020

Were female teachers more anxious about work during lockdown than male teachers?

FFT Education Datalab @FFTEduDatalab 22/09/2020

How did lockdown affect teachers’ psychological wellbeing?

FFT Education Datalab @FFTEduDatalab22/09/2020

Teacher Wellbeing Index 2020

Education Support @EdSupportUK  2020

Are mental health problems among teachers on the rise?

FFT Education Datalab @FFTEduDatalab 28/012020

The wellbeing of the school workforce in England

Education Policy Institute @EduPolicyInst 6/1/2020

Dr Suzanne Culshaw @SuzanneCulshaw 30/10/19

Summary and recommendations: teacher well-being research report

Ofsted @Ofstednews 22/07/2019

Making data work: Teacher workload advisory group report and government response

Department for Education @educationgovuk 5/11/18

Teacher Wellbeing Index 2018

Education Support Partnership @EdSupportUK 22/10/18

New research highlights concern about teacher wellbeing over the summer break

Education Support Partnership @EdSupportUK 26/7/18

Mental Health Working Paper Series Carnegie Centre of Excellence for Mental Health in Schools 2018 

Teacher workload challenge: school research project reports DFE March 2018 

Workload challenge research projects: summary report 2018 

Teacher Voice Omnibus Survey Research Report July 2017. Section 4 deals with workload.

Teacher Well-being Research Project City University July 2017

Shifting identities: A mixed-methods study of the experiences of teachers who are also parents Dr Emma Kell

Teacher knows best? Not any longer as parents muscle in on the classroom Apr 2017

Education Support Partnership Research Resources

Christmas break vital to teacher’s psychological wellbeing. Dec 2016,-says-study

How can school-based support boost teachers’ wellbeing? May 2016

Reducing Teachers’ Stress Leads to Higher Quality Classrooms. May 2016 

A marked improvement? A review of the evidence of written marking. April 2016 

Generation X School Leaders as Agents of Care: Leader and Teacher Perspectives from Toronto, New York City and London March 2016

Teachers’ wellbeing and depressive symptoms, and associated risk factors: A large cross-sectional study in English secondary  schools  March 2016

Social–emotional competencies among teachers: An examination of interrelationships February 2016 

Overworked and underpaid, support staff are feeling the knock-on effects of teachers’ excessive workloads – ATL February 2016

Embedding wellbeing knowledge and practice into teacher education: building emotional resilience 2016

Christmas break vital to teacher’s psychological wellbeing, says study December 2015

Christmas holidays play a critical role in preventing teacher burnout and exhaustion, according to a new study by academics at City University London.

Schools Advisory Service ‘Addressing stress; ensuring wellbeing’ November 2015 

NUT YouGov Survey October 2015

A widely quoted survey showing that 53% of teachers are thinking of leaving the teaching profession in the next two years. The full data tables can be accessed from the link at the bottom of the page.

Organisational interventions for improving wellbeing and reducing work-related stress in teachers April 2015

Cochrane Work Group;jsessionid=5D2F4504E57E3BFB70248543E561246C.f04t04 

UK Government Response to Workload Challenge February 2015 

Evidence for Mindfulness: Impacts on the Wellbeing and Performance of School Staff 2014 

School Workforce Data (England) November 2014

Statistics on the size and characteristics of the schools workforce in state-funded schools from the DFE. 

Is there a link between teacher health and wellbeing and student outcomes? September 2014 

The report in full: Healthy teachers, higher marks? Establishing a link between teacher health & wellbeing, and student outcomes August 2014

Understanding the factors that build teacher resilience February 2014

Mindfulness for Teachers: A Pilot Study to Assess Effects on Stress, Burnout, and Teaching Efficacy August 2013


Teach Well: The Relation of Teacher Wellness to Elementary Student Health and Behavior Outcomes: Baseline Subgroup Comparisons March 2013

The effect of trust on teacher empowerment: the mediation of teacher efficacy 2013

Pupil wellbeing – Teacher wellbeing: Two sides of the same coin? December 2012

New lives of teachers Winter 2012

An Investigation into Teacher Wellbeing During the Teacher Training Year 2012 

Beyond Survival Teachers and Resilience July 2011

Profiling teachers’ sense of professional identity 2011

Teacher resilience and the perspectives of secondary school teachers on pupils’ challenging behaviour January 2011 

Thriving not just surviving: A review of research on teacher resilience 2011

Teacher Wellbeing: The Importance of Teacher–Student Relationships

Conditions that support early career teacher resilience 2010

Teacher Wellbeing: A Review of the Evidence 2009

Teacher self-efficacy and teacher burnout: A study of relations 2009

The Well-Being Prpgramme Report 2009?

Staff Wellbeing is the Key to School Success 2007 

Teachers’ Occupation-Specific Work-Family Conflict 2007

The Well-being of Teachers in Flanders: The Importance of a Supportive School Culture 2007 

Variations in teachers’ work, lives and effectiveness 2007

Teachers resilience: A necessary condition for effectiveness 2007

Work–family conflict among female teachers 2005

Well-Being, Burnout and Competence : Implications for Teachers. 2005

Influence of teacher empowerment on teachers’ organizational commitment, professional commitment and organizational citizenship behavior in schools 2004

Emotions and Teacher Identity: A poststructural perspective 2003

Interrogating “teacher identity”: emotion, resistance, and self-formation 2003