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A guest post by @rondelle10_b

As a reflection of the past several weeks, this #teacher5aday update will focus on the #notice aspect:

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 I first came across the ‘inner chimp’ concept by Professor Steve Peters. It is described as the impulsive part of your brain which can quickly jump to conclusions based upon assumptions made about perceived realities.

 I have experienced a lot of uncertainty lately both within and outside of work.

And put simply, my inner chimp has been having a party, especially as I am in the process of applying for new roles.

With no success as yet, my inner chimp then decided to invite its’ cousin ‘Impostor Syndrome’, which made me question / doubt nearly everything in relation to what I have to offer / future plans.

Coupled with providing external motivation for my Y11 GCSE group who are now apathetic from the fearful realisation of how late they have left things, it’s been an emotionally draining time.  This therefore meant that I spent more time debating my internal dialogue, managing my behaviours in relation to stress experienced by myself / nearest and dearest / colleagues / students and less time communicating.

Minimising the chimp’s antics has been easier on some days than others and has meant that I have had to dig deep to know what I am truly all about as an educator and what I really want to do next.

 It has also made me challenge many of my assumptions with surprising results. This is why I love the message in the image below:



What has also helped have been the following:

  • Unwavering support from my nearest and dearest
  • Non-judgemental support and advice from very close friends
  • A friend and colleague deciding to send me applications of leadership roles that may interest me
  • Reflections in my gratitude journal of past successes
  • Reading stories of others who have overcome challenges
  • Motivational videos.


I love the quote that ‘if it does not challenge you then it does not change you’. And in essence, this is what it all boils down to. I am experiencing a lot of change and uncertainty about the future. I therefore think it is normal to feel apprehensive and maybe a little fearful.

 I love Steve Job’s quote about being unable to connect the dots as you go forward in life. When you look back you can see how everything fell into place. This way we can then connect the dots.

 Going through this right now, has been a real test of character which helped reaffirm my positive outlook, even when I wondered whether it had waned. I realise that just because we aren’t firing on all cylinders at all times does not mean that the spark has completely gone. I am thankful for my nearest, dearest and friends for that particular reminder.

So I end on this point below:



Thank you for reading.

This post was originally published on staffrm.io and is reposted here by kind permission of the author.

About @rondelle10_b:

I am an Associate Assistant Head Teacher in East London. I am in charge of the NQT / ITT development programme and IT to enhance teaching & learning. I am also a Secondary Science Consultant, qualified coach and am registered as a leadership coach as part of a pilot run by the Department for Education.

I love all aspects of teaching and learning and enjoy using social media to share ideas and resources. As a London Regional Leader of WomenEd, I also use social media to support the development of educators and promote initiatives to help colleagues maintain their well-being.