The Tao of Moss

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Can we all just take a moment to appreciate

Mr Maurice Moss?


moss-fireNever ignore a warning sign, no matter how busy you are.

 Reading the Warning Signs

moss-weirdBe yourself, it’s what you’re best at.

What it means to just be yourself – Tiny Buddha

moss-friends-flirtMake time to appreciate the people in your life.

If you’re not, you know, too busy.

8 Ideas for better Wellbeing

moss-dessertMix it up, who knows what could happen?

Not too much, obviously.

ATL Make 1 Change Campaign

moss-rest-of-the-fire Let’s assign this to the important:urgent quadrant, shall we?

Prioritise your life like a Jedi

And finally…


Before you kick the metaphorical ass, remember to drink the metaphorical milk.

Take the Oxygen First, I Dare You!

Thanks to @CParkinson535 for sparking the idea and @Vivgrant for egging me on.