Twinkl Staff Well-Being Award

Did you know that Twinkl, the popular primary resources site, has launched a Staff Well-being Award?

In order to qualify, participating schools complete an application, providing evidence of good practice in 3 areas: Leadership, Policy Development, and Staff Culture. The application document itself is a straightforward checklist of steps schools can take to support staff wellbeing under the three main headings. If your school is looking for a framework to support staff wellbeing it is a useful document that will help you to focus on these areas.

Twinkl say ” You don’t need to fulfil every single criteria, it’s more about the big picture and whether we feel that well-being has been made a priority.” On completion of the award, schools receive a Twinkl Staff Well-Being logo to use on websites and printed materials. The award is valid for 12 months, after which schools will need to reapply.


Contact Twinkl for more information or to apply for the award.



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