Wonderful Wellbeing Blogs Round Up July 2017

Three blogs that have caught the eye at Schoolwell this week…

‘Teachers don’t need flashy wellbeing schemes, they just need a humble staffroom’

Tom Rogers (@RogersHistory) makes the case for the importance of the staff room in a school.

“Teachers have accepted the status quo for lack of the time or energy to fight their corner over what appears to be just a room to eat inside, but it’s surely so much more than that.”

At the time of writing there is only one comment mentioning using the wrong mug.


8 Tips to Fit Exercise Around Teaching

If, despite every good intention, you struggle to find time for exercise, check out these tips from @KentSchoolJobs   

“Besides the fact that exercise can reduce the risk of multiple diseases and illnesses, exercise has the power to help reduce anxiety and stress. It can improve memory, boost brain power, increase the happy chemicals in your brain, help you get more done and boost creativity!”


It’s more than just being ‘Nice’: Principled and Practical Wellbeing on a shoestring

It’s been extremely difficult to choose just one from the wealth of excellent blogs from last week’s #wellbeingdgmeet over on Staffrm.io but this one from @andrew_cowley23 is chock full of practical advice on embedding wellbeing into the fabric of the school. Do check out all the rest of the blogs too, such a wealth of good ideas!

“Wellbeing is not simple. There are challenges. Evaluation of workload needs to be in place and we need to be mindful of everyone in our team. Team spirit, a positive culture and leaders who want to make this work provides the best foundation for wellbeing.”

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