Work, Work, Work? What about your Wellbeing?

Work, work, work? What about your Wellbeing?: A manual for dealing with the stresses and strains in a 21st Century School by [Teacher, Stress Free]A review of the new book from @stress_freeuk

Work, Work, Work? What about your Wellbeing?

By Stress Free Teacher

It seems that barely a week passes at the moment without another new statistic about teacher wellbeing. Whether it’s that 68% say that their job prevents them from giving adequate time to their partner (NASUWT) , or the news that 45% of teachers under 35 intend to quit within the next 5 years, citing high workload and mental health concerns(NUT), it’s clear that something needs to give.

Anyone in education concerned about wellbeing and mental health would be well advised to take a look at this new book from Stress Free Teacher. The book describes the insidious ways in which anxiety and depression build up, leading to physical symptoms, and the steps that Stress Free Teacher (SFT) took to rebuild his health and career. He is also frank about his experiences of anti-depressants and counselling.  When you are suffering from a difficulty such as depression, it can feel almost impossible to talk to anybody about it. By sharing his story, and his own struggle to simply pick up the phone, SFT demonstrates that help is available. In fact people are more than willing to help, if you can let them.

As well as detailing the author’s experiences and recovery, the book has a wealth of ideas for helping to overcome workplace stress.  From the brilliant work of the Education Support Partnership to practical tips on healthy eating and getting enough sleep, this book gathers together a lot of information. It is broken up into bite-sized chunks, clearly indicated in the index, making it easy to dip into.

The writing style is clear and accessible, making it an easy read.

Whether you are looking to improve your own wellbeing or looking at staff wellbeing more widely, this book is a very useful starting point. Not everyone will want to take up yoga, or get a pet, but in these pages you will find something that you can use to start to improve your wellbeing. Better still, 10% of the profits from this eBook will be donated to the Education Support Partnership, the UK’s only charity providing mental health and wellbeing support services to all education staff and organisations.

If you want to know more, check out his website or tweet him @stress_freeuk

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