Workload Research from the DFE

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A huge pile of workload documents have been uploaded to the DFE website this morning. There are some great case studies on the site but they have all just been labelled  “Reducing Teacher Workload”, making it timeconsuming to navigate, especially if you are looking for a specific area. The table below lists the foci of the research. If you prefer, there is a handy, 55 page summary of them all…

Title Area of Focus
Aquinas Trust Reducing teacher workload  through ‘real-time’ personalised feedback
Ashford Teaching Alliance Reducing  teacher workload (Data Management)
Cheshire Vale Reducing teacher workload: the ‘Rebalancing Feedback’ trial
Flying High Reducing Teacher Workload (Marking and Feedback)
Hatcham college Workload Challenge: KS5 Data
Jurassic Coast Reducing Teacher Workload (Data)
Southwark TSA Reducing Teacher Workload (Marking and Feedback)
St Peter’s School Reducing Teacher Workload (data)
The Mead School Collaborate, Plan and Renew: teacher workload Reducing workload and increasing confidence through curriculum planning
Whitley Bay High School Reducing teacher workload Research report into shared planning
WOWS Reducing teacher workload The WOWS research project  (Marking)